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Silver Saw Palmetto


General Properties

Plant Name: Serenoa repens Silver Form
Common Names: Silver Saw Palmetto, Saw Palmetto, Palmetto
Plant Type: Palm
Origin: N/a
Family: Arecaceae
Height (ft): 8
Growth: Slow,medium
Hardiness Zones: 8-11
Minimum Temp: 15°F (Cold Hardy)
Temp Info: Thought to be hardy to at least 15°F.
Salt Tolerance: High
Drought: High
Soil pH: Acidic, Neutral, Alkaline
Soil Type: Well-drained
Soil Drainage: Well Drained
Light: Medium,high
Nutrition: Low

Flower & Leaf Properties

Flower Property: Fragrant,insignificant
Flower Color: Cream, White
Foliage Color: Blue, Gray, Green, Silver
Leaf Property: Simple, Alternate, Star-shaped, Induplicate
Leaf Texture: Very Coarse
Season: Spring, Summer

Other Properties

Uses: Specimen Plant, Mass Planting, Informal Hedge, Naturalized Landscapes, Reclamation, Barrier
Propagate: Seeds, Germinating In Several Months
Fruit: 1" Drupe, Blue-black
Hazardous Properties: Spiny
Environment: N/a
Problems: Palmetto Weevils, Ganoderma
Notes: Particularly prized for naturalistic landscapes.
Photo by Perkins Direct Step / Perkins Nursery.
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