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Hong Kong Orchid


General Properties

Plant Name: Bauhinia x blakeana - Hong Kong Orchid
Common Names: Hong Kong Orchid Tree
Plant Type: Tree,evergreen Tree
Origin: Southeast Asia (Hong Kong Island)
Family: Leguminosae
Height (ft): 40
Growth: Fast
Hardiness Zones: 9-11
Salt Tolerance: Medium
Drought: High
Soil pH: Acidic, Slightly Acidic, Neutral, Slightly Alkaline
Soil Type: Wide
Soil Drainage: Well Drained
Light: Medium,high
Nutrition: Medium

Flower & Leaf Properties

Flower Property: Attractive,fragrant,showy
Flower Color: Pink, Purple, Red
Foliage Color: Green
Leaf Property: Simple, Alternate, Orbiculate, Double Lobed
Leaf Texture: Coarse
Season: Fall, Winter

Other Properties

Uses: Flowering Tree, Shade Tree
Propagate: Cuttings, Air Layers
Fruit: None
Environment: Weak, Messy
Problems: K Deficiency, Borers
Notes: Vegetatively propagated. Can be weak-wooded and messy.
Photo by Duke Farms.
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