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Green Buttonwood


General Properties

Plant Name: Conocarpus erectus - Green Buttonwood
Common Names: Green Buttonwood, Buttonwood, Button Mangrove
Plant Type: Evergreen Tree,tree
Origin: West Indies
Family: Combretaceae
Height (ft): 35
Growth: Medium
Hardiness Zones: 10-11
Salt Tolerance: High
Drought: High
Soil pH: Slightly Alkaline, Alkaline
Soil Type: Wet,wide
Soil Drainage: Moist, Well Drained, Moderately Dry
Light: High
Nutrition: Low

Flower & Leaf Properties

Flower Property: Inconspicuous
Flower Color: Purple, White
Foliage Color: Green, Silver
Leaf Property: Simple, Alternate, Lanceolate
Leaf Texture: Fine
Season: Year-round

Other Properties

Uses: Small Tree, Near A Patio Or Deck, Shade Tree, Street Tree, Parking Lot
Propagate: Seeds, Cuttings, Air Layers
Fruit: Brownish Red, Dry, Oval
Notes: A good native seaside plant. Plant often struggles inland. Tolerates brackish water, wet soil, and drought. Hurricane wind resistance. Handles shearing well.
Photo by Getting Green Plant Service.
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