Ligustrum japonicum - Japanese Privet

Ligustrum japonicum - Japanese Privet

Japanese privet is an attractive and tough plant that requires little care. It is extremely fast growing and can add green

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Livistona nitida - Carnavon Gorge Palm; Carnarvon Fan Palm

Livistona nitida - Carnavon Gorge Palm; Carnarvon Fan Palm

A tall solitary fan palm to 30 m (100ft), with bright green, deeply divided leaves, with long, drooping leaf tips, up to 4.5m (18ft) long, and which form an open crown. It has numerous glossy black fruits that are about 2 cm (0.8in) in diameter.

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Gamolepis chrysanthemoides - African Daisy

Gamolepis chrysanthemoides - African Daisy

African bush-daisy is a herbaceous perennial or sub-shrub that grows in a mound-like bush up to 3 ft (0.9 m) tall and 4 ft (1.2 m) wide. It has dark glossy-green, pinnately compound leaves, and yellow daisy-like flowers.

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Strophanthus gratus - Climbing Oleander, Cream Fruit

Strophanthus gratus - Climbing Oleander, Cream Fruit

Strophanthus gratus is a woody liana that can grow up to 25 meters, with a trunk diameter of up to 10 centimeters. Its fragrant flowers feature a white corolla, topped by red or purple color, with pink corona lobes.

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Boynton Botanicals
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