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About Us

Bick Tropical Farms was established in 2003 after many years of tree farming and landscaping. These former years experience made us quite aware of the industry needs. Bick Tropical Farms was created with those industry needs in mind.

Sixty acres under production allows us to grow in very large numbers. By dedicating ten acres to stepping up material, we ensure our customers have a source to come to year-round, high quality a constant. With our own trucks, we provide quick and convenient delivery. We have taken a proactive mindset. Implementing Grades and Standards specs combined with daily scouting of the nursery has resulted in a consistently high quality product line. When you drive through the gate, a sense of order and cleanliness is apparent.

As exporters to Texas, Arizona and the Caribbean, we maintain an intense regiment for shipping clean material. We feel that our commitment to detail translates into confidence from our customers. It is through these efforts that we seek to build long lasting relationships with our clients.

Customer's needs are always changing. Feedback from our clients has allowed us to increase the variety of trees and palms that we are growing. We are adding to our plant palette to accommodate northern Florida and beyond.

We at Bick Tropical Farms encourage you to visit our nursery. See for yourself how clean this sixty acre nursery is maintained.