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Aquatic VegetationControl, Inc. (AVC) is a Florida corporation with 82 full time employees (and200 contract employees) founded in 1986 offering vegetation management andgeneral environmental consulting services throughout the southeast.  Since its establishment as an exotic/nuisancevegetation management company specializing in the control of invasive wetland,aquatic  and upland species, AVC hasbroadened its scope of capabilities to include; certified lake management, fishstocking, re-vegetation, mitigation and restoration services, mitigationmonitoring services, aquatic, roadside, forestry and utility vegetationmanagement, and general environmental/ecological consulting. We believe thateach project is unique and requires specialized training, experience and highquality materials to achieve excellent results.

AVC was founded onthe basis of providing innovative and cost-effective services to public andprivate clients with projects that include natural resource or water managementconcerns.  Services are provided in aprofessional and personal manner, such that clients are kept informed andincluded in each phase of a project. This interaction is achieved by providing experienced, competentprofessionals that function as an extension of a client's staff. Job safety isa high priority and under the direction of our Corporate Safety Officer hasenabled AVC to attain a favorable EMR of 0.84.   

Our team of professionals include;Professional Wetland Scientists, Certified Lake Managers, Environmental Scientists,Certified Safety Officers, Certified Pile Burners and Certified Pesticide Applicatorsaverage more than fifteen years experience in the industry providing solutionsfor our clients.

In addition to highly qualifiedpersonnel, AVC has the equipment necessary to complete all projects in a safeand timely manner. We currently own and operate 55 trucks, 2 dump trucks, 20airboats, 17 swamp buggies, 13 Argo amphibious UTV’s, 15 ATV/UTV’s and 15skiffs/watercraft. The aforementioned equipment provides transportation andwork platforms in environmentally sensitive areas.

AVC has a broad base of clients inNorth Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Florida including;

Federal agencies; US Fish andWildlife Service (USFWS), National Park Service (NPS), United States Army Corpsof Engineers (USACE)

State agencies; Florida Fish andWildlife Commission (FWC), Florida Park Service (FPS), South Carolina DNR(SCDNR), Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Georgia Department ofTransportation (GDOT)

Water Management Districts; St.Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD), South Florida Water ManagementDistrict (SFWMD), Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District (NPBCID)

Counties and Municipalities;Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Indian River, Brevard, Broward, Miami-Dade andMonroe Counties in Florida. City of Palm Beach Gardens, City of West PalmBeach, City of Port St. Lucie, City of Weston, City of Stuart, City of CoconutCreek

Private organizations; Cemex,Rayonier, Mead Westvaco, United Technologies, Santee Cooper, Wild TurkeyFederation, Florida Power & Light, The Nature Conservancy

AVC project experience spans 28 yearsand ranges from completing total turnkey projects to operating as part of ateam to complete a multi-discipline project. We have the capabilities andresources to provide solutions for any environmental project client request.



                ·              Aquatic Vegetation Control

                                -  Golf course waterways

                                -  Large scale treatments and monitoring

-  Drainage right-of-ways

-  Urban waterways


                ·              Invasive Vegetation Control

                                -  Conservation lands

                                -  City, county, state and federal parks

-  Retention/water catchment areas

-  Urban preserves


                ·              Ecosystem Restoration andMitigation

                                -  Site construction

                                -  Native plant supply and installation

                                -  Initial vegetation management and scheduledmaintenance


                ·              Ecological Resource Assessment

                                -  Vegetation resource mapping

                                -  Threatened or endangered species surveys

                                -  Critical habitat analysis

                                -  Aquatic macro invertebrate studies

                                -  Fisheries investigations

                                -  Natural lands management plans


                ·              IndustrialVegetation Control

-  DOT right-of-ways, roadsideditches and brush control

-  Utility right-of-ways

-  Plant growth regulators

-  Bareground treatments at substations,lay down yards, industrial sites, and rail ballast


                ·              Forestry Services

                                - Road surface and roadside brush control

                                -  Site prep, release, and mid rotationherbicide applications


                ·              Lake Management

-  Professional consultation

-  Turbidity control

-  Biological control

-  Aeration systems and fountains


                ·              Integrated PestManagement

- Mechanical removal of nuisancevegetation

- Bacterial and enzymatic nutrient removal

- Grass carp introductions  


One of the most unique aspects of AVCis our ability to provide clients with a firm capable of carrying a projectfrom start to finish.  By blendingenvironmental science with resource management, AVC offers a firm that canmediate permitting, develop mitigation options, design mitigation areas,conduct plantings, (or supervise planting), produce compliance monitoringplans, conduct compliance monitoring, and perform mitigation areamaintenance.  This scenario is also truefor ecological restoration projects.