Using PlantSearch is so easy! I started using Plantsearch.com after I met with the company representatives at the MANTS Baltimore show. I find the site very easy to navigate and it gives me much more accurate and updated information than I had previously found on other sites. In addition, the feature where you can upload your own list and have growers bid on materials has been very helpful for me. I normally send my list out to my usual vendors, thanks to the site I have now discovered there are many out there I did not know about. With this I can now find items that were generally hard to find. I have posted a few jobs and have gotten a fast response from vendors. I found several new vendors I am excited to work with. I find I am using the site almost daily. This has been a great new resource for me and my company. We have several branches and I have enlisted all my counterparts to use the site. It is a great place to just find information, growers of hard to find materials or new vendors you might have missed the opportunity to work with!


S. Maas
Ruppert Landscape


The PlantSearch+ RFQ system really works! It helps us find what we need in a timely manner. Just yesterday I entered a Request For Quote and received 10 price quotes almost immediately!


Grants Creek Nursery

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