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Acalypha wilkesiana 'Louisiana Red'
Acalypha wilkesiana - Copperleaf Copperleaf
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Blaze'
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Macafeeana'
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Tricolor'
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Bronze Pink'
Acalypha wilkesiana / Dwarf
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Java White'
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Kona Gold'
Acalypha wilkesiana 'La Bamba'
Acalypha wilkesiana 'Mardi Gras'
Ixora casei 'Super King' Ixora macrothyrsa - Super King
Neoregelia 'Super Fireball'
Agave americana 'Super Blue'
Cornus florida 'Super Princess'
Liriope muscari 'Super Blue'
Musa acuminata 'Super Dwarf Banana'™
Musa acuminata 'Super Dwarf Cavendish' Musa Tropicana
Acalypha hispida - Chenille Plant Chenille Plant
Acalypha pendula - Dwarf / Trailing Chenille Trailing Chenille Plant
Peperomia clusiifolia - Red Edge / Ginny Red Edge
Dracaena marginata - Red-edged Dracaena
Syagrus romanzoffiana x Syagrus schizophylla Coconut Queen Palm Super Parrot Palm
Actinidia arguta 'Ken's Red' - Female
Delonix regia 'Key West Red'
Pentas lanceolata BeeBright™ Red
Cordyline fruticosa 'Gold Edge Red Sister'
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Red Cardinal
Chrysobalanus icaco 'Red Tip' Red Tip Cocoplum Cocoplum / Red Tip
Malus 'Red Jewel'™ Red Jewel™ Crabapple
Acer rubrum - Red Maple Red Maple
Aesculus pavia - Red Buckeye Red Buckeye
Alpinia purpurata - Red Ginger Red Ginger
Aronia arbutifolia - Red Chokeberry Red Chokeberry
Eugenia rhombea - Red Stopper Red Stopper
Hemigraphis alternata - Red Ivy Red Ivy
Hesperaloe parviflora - Red Yucca Red Yucca
Megaskepasma erythrochlamys - Red Cloak Red Cloak
Morus rubra - Red Mulberry Red Mulberry
Rhizophora mangle - Red Mangrove Red Mangrove
Rubus idaeus - Red Raspberry Raspberry / Red
Russelia sarmentosa - Red Russelia Red Russelia
Viburnum x rhytidophylloides Red Balloon® PP24227 'Redell'
Bougainvillea 'Red'
Latania lontaroides - Red Latan Palm Red Latan Palm
Bauhinia galpinii - Red Orchid, Pride of the Cape Red Orchid
Callistemon citrinus - Red Bottlebrush Lemon Bottlebrush Red Bottlebrush
Cordyline fruticosa 'Red Sister' Cordyline terminalis 'Red Sister'
Phlox subulata 'Red Wings' Red Wings Moss Phlox
Pinus resinosa - Red Pine
Alpinia luteocarpa - Red Bamboo Ginger Ginger / Red Back
Chambeyronia hookeri - Red Feather Palm Red Feather Palm
Chambeyronia macrocarpa - Red Feather Palm Red Feather Palm
Juniperus virginiana - Eastern Red Cedar Eastern Red Cedar
Pennisetum setaceum 'Rubrum' - Red Grass Red Fountain Grass
Quercus falcata - Southern Red Oak Southern Red Oak
Quercus shumardii - Shumard Red Oak Shumard Red Oak
Thuja plicata - Western Red Cedar Western Red Cedar
Codiaeum variegatum 'Red Mammey'
Citrus x paradisi 'Ruby' - Red Grapefruit Red Grapefruit
Costus woodsonii - Red Buttons, Dwarf French Kiss Red Buttons
Livistona rigida - Red Palm, Mataranka Palm Red Palm
Aechmea 'Red Candles'
Aglaonema 'Red Valentine'
Aglaonema 'Siam Red'
Anthurium 'Red Sensation'
Callistemon 'Red Cluster'
Clerodendrum 'Java Red'
Cordyline 'Red Magic'
Hibiscus 'Carnation' - Red
Hibiscus 'Double Red'
Hibiscus 'President' - Red
Hibiscus 'Red Hot'
Hylocereus 'Joyner Red'
Ixora 'Maui Red'
Malus 'Red Delicious'
Mandevilla 'Crimson Red'
Musa 'Dwarf Red'
Nerium oleander 'Red'
Philodendron 'Imperial Red'
Philodendron 'Red Emerald'
Salvia greggii 'Red'
Stachytarpheta 'Red Compacta'
Areca vestiaria - Orange/Red Crownshaft Palm Red Crownshaft Palm
Juniperus virginiana silicicola Southern Red Cedar Southern Red Cedar
Persea borbonia borbonia - Florida Red Bay Florida Red Bay
Cornus alba - Red-barked Dogwood
Quercus buckleyi - Texas Red Oak
Quercus maxima - Eastern Red Oak
Bombax ceiba - Red Silk-Cotton Tree Red Silk-cotton Tree
Kniphofia - Red-Hot-Poker Tritoma
Acer rubrum 'Red Point'
Acer rubrum 'Red Sky'
Aerva sanguinolenta 'Red Velvet'
Andropogon gerardii 'Red October'
Anthurium 'Big Red Bird'
Areca vestiaria / Red Form
Begonia 'Bronze Leaf Red'
Begonia 'Dragon Wing Red'
Berberis thunbergii 'Royal Red'
Camellia japonica 'Black Red'
Camellia japonica 'Greensboro Red'
Camellia sasanqua 'Cleveland Red'
Catharanthus roseus Cora™ Red
Cordyline australis 'Red Sensation'
Cordyline australis 'Red Star'
Cordyline fruticosa 'Fairchild Red'
Cordyline fruticosa 'Red Pepper'
Cornus florida 'Crimson Red'
Dracaena marginata 'Red Princess'
Heliconia longissima 'Red Wings'
Ilex decidua 'Warren Red'
Ilex verticillata 'Red Sprite'
Ilex verticillata 'Winter Red'
Impatiens SunPatiens® Red
Lagerstroemia Red Rooster®
Lagerstroemia 'Ruffled Red Magic'
Lantana camara 'Dallas Red'
Loropetalum chinense 'Ever Red'®
Loropetalum chinense 'Red Chocolate'
Nerium oleander 'Cardinal Red'
Nerium oleander 'Hardy Red'
Nyssa sylvatica 'Red Rage'
Pentas lanceolata 'Butterfly Red'
Pentas lanceolata 'Graffiti Red'
Pentas lanceolata 'Ruby Red'
Philodendron 'Weeks Red Hybrid'
Pistacia x 'Red Push'
Prunus persica 'Red Haven'
Prunus persica 'Red Skin'
Prunus virginiana 'Canada Red'
Punica granatum 'Dwarf Red'
Quercus lyrata Red Baron™
Rhododendron (azalea) 'Hershey's Red'
Rhododendron (azalea) 'Red Formosa'
Rhododendron (azalea) 'Red Ruffle'
Rhododendron (azalea) 'Red Slipper'
Ribes rubrum - Red Currant
Salvia splendens 'Red Vista'
Syngonium podophyllum 'Regina Red'
Taxodium ascendens 'Fox Red'
Weigela florida 'Red Prince'
Holmskioldia sanguinea rubra Red Mandarin Hat
Philodendron 'Red Back' Philodendron 'Rojo Loco'
Ilex x Robin™ PP9486 - Red Robin Holly Red Robin Holly
Acer palmatum 'Red Emperor'
Acer platanoides 'Royal Red'
Acer rubrum 'Red Flame'
Acer rubrum 'Red Sunset'®
Acer rubrum 'Summer Red'
Alpinia purpurata 'Red Dwarf'
Cercis canadensis 'Appalachian Red'
Acer palmatum 'Twombley's Red Sentinel'
Alocasia cuprea Mythic™ Red Secret
Athyrium niponicum pictum 'Regal Red'
Begonia Big™ 'Bronze Leaf Red'
Begonia Big™ 'Green Leaf Red'
Callistemon viminalis 'Red Cluster' - Weeping
Cocos nucifera 'Red Malayan'
Cornus florida 'Rubra' - Red Dogwood
Heliconia x plagiotropa 'Red Tropic'
Hibiscus moscheutos Carousel™ Red Wine
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Hilo Red'
Ilex x Rutzan 'Red Beauty'
Impatiens SunPatiens® Compact Red
Iris louisiana 'Red Velvet Elvis'
Lagerstroemia indica 'Country Red'
Lagerstroemia indica 'Watermelon Red'
Loropetalum chinense rubrum 'Ever Red'™
Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Red Emperor
Neoregelia cruenta rubra - Red Form
Nyssa sylvatica 'NSMTF' Red Splyndor™
Pentas lanceolata 'Graffiti Red Lace'
Pentas lanceolata 'Graffiti Red Velvet'
Androlepis skinneri - Big Red Bromeliad Giant Bromeliad
Ensete ventricosum 'Maurelii' - Red Banana Musa maurelii
Hibiscus acetosella - African Rosemallow Red-leaf Hibiscus
Musa coccinea - Red Flowering Banana Musa uranoscopus
Quercus rubra - Northern Red Oak Quercus borealis
Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Red Dragon'
Acer palmatum 'Dissectum Red Select'
Acer rubrum 'HOSR' Summer Red®
Rosa Knockout® Red PP11836
Vaccinium parvifolium Red Huckleberry
Thalia geniculata - Fire Flag Red-stem Thalia, Alligator Flag Red-stem Thalia
Begonia Nightlife Bronze Leaf Red (Wax)
Canna x generalis Cannova® 'Red Shades'
Impatiens SunPatiens® Compact Deep Red
Loropetalum chinense rubrum 'Ever Red Sunset'
Euphorbia trigona rubra Red Form African Milk Tree
Rosa 'Meigalpio' PP17877 Red Drift®
Athyrium angustum forma rubellum'LadyInRed'
Hibiscus syriacus 'GFNHSRP' PP35332 Red Pillar™
Lagerstroemia indica 'Siren Red'® PP14975
Mandevilla Sun Parasol® Giant Red Emperor/White
Rubus x 'Caroline' PP10412 - Red Raspberry
Cyrtostachys renda - Red Sealing Wax Palm Sealing Wax Palm
Ixora 'Petite' - Red Taiwan Dwarf Ixora Ixora 'Taiwan Dwarf'
Acer x freemanii Hybrid Red Maple
Heliconia psittacorum 'Andromeda' Heliconia 'Andromeda Red'
Rubus idaeus 'Fallgold' Fallgold Red Raspberry
Rubus idaeus 'Heritage' Heritage Red Raspberry
Calliandra haematocephala - Powder Puff Red Powderpuff
Camellia x 'FARROWCJRF' PPAF Just Chill Red Tip™
Citrus x paradisi 'Rio Red' Seedless Grapefruit
Diervilla x 'SMNDSD' PPAF Kodiak® Red 2.0
Hydrangea macrophylla Magical® Ruby Red PP25104 'KOLMARU'
Lagerstroemia indica Center Stage® Red PP32515 'SMNLCIBF'
Lagerstroemia 'PIILAG B5' PP25476 Enduring® Red
Rosa 'Meipeporia' PP26298 Oso Easy Double Red®
Spiraea japonica Double Play® Red PP26993 'SMNSJMFR'
Cornus sericea Arctic Fire® Red PP18523 'Farrow'
Lagerstroemia indica 'Whit IV'PP11342 Red Rocket®
Weigela florida Sonic Bloom® Red PP25132 'Verweig6'
Hydrangea paniculata White Wedding® 'LeeP1' PP28973
Begonia rex-cultorum - Rex Begonia
Zamia imperialis - Imperial Zamia Zamia skinneri "Red Emergent" (Panama)
Pinus densiflora 'Oculus Draconis' Dragon Eye Japanese Red Pine
Chamaedorea seifrizii - Reed Palm, Bamboo Palm Reed Palm
Cissus discolor - Rex Begonia Vine Rex Begonia Vine
Viburnum cassinoides - Withe-rod Viburnum Withe-rod Viburnum
Aesculus x carnea 'Fort McNair' Fort McNair Red Horsechestnut
Iris 'Waihi Wedding'
Epidendrum / Reed-stem Orchid
Quercus acuta - Japanese Evergreen Oak
Epidendrum ibaguense - Crucifix Orchid Fiery Reed Orchid
Camellia Japonica 'Reg Ragland Supreme'
Betula papyrifera 'Renci' Ren. Reflection®
Sparganium eurycarpum Great Bur Reed
Juniperus virginiana silicicola 'CAN-SRC1' PP31963 Fuzzy Wuzzy™ Fuzzy Wuzzy™ Southern Red Cedar
Hydrangea macrophylla Wedding Gown™ PP21052 'Dancing Snow'
Stephanotis floribunda Madagascar Jasmine, Bridal Wreath Wedding Vine
Strelitzia juncea - Reed Bird of Paradise Leafless Bird of Paradise Strelitzia regina var. juncea
Acer campestre - Hedge Maple Hedge Maple
Bambusa multiplex - Hedge Bamboo Hedge Bamboo
Tradescantia zebrina - Wandering Jew Wandering Jew
Aechmea 'Mend'
Neoregelia 'Deb'™
Impatiens New Guinea Group - New Guinea Hybrids
Gardenia jasminoides 'White Gem'™ Gardenia augusta 'White Gem'™
Iberis sempervirens - Edging Candytuft
Ceanothus americanus - New Jersey Tea New Jersey Tea
Chrysogonum virginianum - Green-and-Gold Green-and-Gold
Clitoria ternatea - Blue Pea Vine Blue Pea Vine
Coccothrinax crinita - Old Man Palm Old Man Palm
Pyrus calleryana 'Holmford' New Bradford® Pear / New Bradford®
Thelypteris noveboracensis - New York Fern New York Fern
Vernonia noveboracensis - New York Ironweed New York Ironweed
Aster novae-angliae - New England Aster New England Aster
Codiaeum variegatum 'AFD #5'
Sophora tomentosa truncata - Yellow Necklace Pod Yellow Necklace Pod
Buxus 'Green Gem'
Dracaena 'Ray of Sunshine'
Homalomena 'Emerald Gem'
Lantana 'Irene' Purple
Vaccinium corymbosum 'Reka'
Viburnum rhytidophyllum 'Cree'
Allamanda cathartica 'Hendersonii' Brown Bud Allamanda Allamanda / Brown Bud
Asystasia gangetica 'You're So Vein'
Woodwardia areolata - Net-leaf Chain Fern Net-leaf Chain Fern
Alocasia 'New Guinea Gold'
Bougainvillea 'New River' - Purple
Buxus microphylla 'Old English'
Buxus microphylla 'Winter Gem'
Buxus sempervirens 'Dee Runk'
Callistemon viminalis 'Hannah Ray'
Camellia japonica 'Dee Davis'
Citrus aurantiifolia 'Key Lime'
Cleyera japonica 'Lee Ann'
Colocasia esculenta 'Diamond Head'
Ficus microcarpa 'Green Gem'
Hydrangea quercifolia 'Pee Wee'
Juniperus chinensis 'Old Gold'
Juniperus virginiana 'Grey Owl'
Lantana camara 'New Gold'
Lomandra - New Zealand Grass
Magnolia grandiflora 'Little Gem'
Myrcianthes fragrans 'Geode Compacta'
Rhododendron (azalea) 'Elsie Lee'
Sedum tetractinum 'Coral Reef'
Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge'
Aster novi-belgii - New York Aster
Pithecellobium keyense - Black Bead Pithecellobium guadalupense
Spiraea cantoniensis - Reeves Spiraea Spiraea reevesiana
Acer rubrum 'New World'
Cornus alba 'Bud's Yellow'
Cornus sericea 'Bud's Yellow'
Musa 'Aiuri' - Fe'i Banana
Picea orientalis 'Bergman's Gem'
Rhododendron 'Lee's Dark Purple'
Ulmus americana 'New Harmony'
Ulmus carpinifolia 'New Horizon'
Vaccinium corymbosum 'Georgia Gem'
Asplenium dimorphum x difforme Austral Gem Fern
Alocasia macrorrhiza 'New Guinea Gold'
Ilex opaca 'Old Heavy Berry'
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Magenta
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Series
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Snow
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Tangerine
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Violet
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® White
Pentas lanceolata BeeBright™ Lavender
Pentas lanceolata BeeBright™ Lipstick
Pentas lanceolata BeeBright™ Pink
Pentas lanceolata BeeBright™ Violet
Pentas lanceolata BeeBright™ White
Pentas lanceolata 'New Look Lilac'
Pentas lanceolata 'New Look White'
Fraxinus pennsylvanica 'Oconee' Georgia Gem™ Green Ash
Ipomoea pes-caprae - Railroad Vine Railroad Vine
Leucothrinax morrisii - Keys Thatch Palm Thrinax morrisii
Dracaena marginata 'Kiwi' - Yellow-edge Marg.
Fragaria 'Fraises Des Boise' - Wild Strawberry
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Candy Cream
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Dark Lavender
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Dark Pink
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Perfect Pink
Impatiens New Guinea Harmony® Salmon Cream
Lagerstroemia ind. Emerald Empire® Amethyst King™
Peltophorum pterocarpum - Copper Pod Yellow Poinciana / Copperpod Yellow Poinciana
Samanea saman - Rain Tree/Monkey Pod Rain Tree
Acer saccharum 'Reba' Belle Tower™ Maple
Berberis thunbergii 'NCBT2' PPAF Sunjoy Neo®
Opuntia cochenillifera variegata Variegated Spineless Pad Cactus
Vaccinium corymbosum 'ANDVAL1601' Sky Dew® Gold
Acer saccharum 'Whit XLIX' PP23957 Powder Keg®
Buxus microphylla japonica Baby Gem™ PP21159 'Gregem'
Hydrangea macrophylla Let's Dance Lovable™ PP35317 'SMNHMTB'
Hydrangea x 'SMNHSC' PP33206 Let's Dance ¡Arriba!®
Ilex glabra 'SMNIGAB17' PP27554 Gem Box®
Hydrangea macrophylla Let's Dance Big Band® 'SMNHMP' PP32514
Hydrangea macrophylla Let's Dance® Blue Jangles® 'SMHMTAU' PP27035
Hydrangea x Let's Dance Sky View® PP34327 'SMNHSME'
Hydrangea x 'SMNHSI' Let's Dance Can Do!® PP32548
Aechmea 'Del Mar' PP13421 - Dwarf Blue Tango Dwarf Blue Tango
Hibiscus moscheutos Head Over Heels® Desire™ 'RutHib4' PPAF
Hydrangea macrophylla Let's Dance® Rhythmic Blue® 'SMHMES14' PP25836
Thuja occidentalis Full Speed A Hedge® PP20209 'American Pillar'
Hibiscus moscheutos Head Over Heels® Passion 'RutHib2' PP30853
Hibiscus syriacus Sugar Tip® PP20579 'America Irene Scott'
Thuja occidentalis Full Speed A Hedge® Thin Man® 'SMTOTM' PP25672